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I am the owner of Majestic Gourds, Geraldine (Geri). I In 1952 my family relocated from Denver when I was 2 months old.  Rick my husband relocated from Indiana to Las Vegas in 1966, so in reality both are basically native’s, well close.  We were married in 1973. My husband and I both went to school in Las Vegas and have spent our wholes lives working in Las Vegas.  We both are now retired and looking for something to keep busy in our retirement days.

As I have stated many times, crafting gourds is my passion!

How I Came Into Gourds

I have always been interested in many different types of crafts.  I took up painting and took lesson for 7 years.  I wanted to use my newly artistic skills in other ways.  I saw other artists working with gourds and it intrigued me to look into the possibility of combining my painting skills and gourds together.

I soon researched the field of gourds and found a place that offered classes and opportunity to work with gourds at the Wellburn Farm, which is family owned. Wellburn, which not only offers classes but Wellburn also supplies gourds that they grow on their many acres. I watch many video’s and started to expand my knowledge of how to work and craft different ways of applying my artistic ways to gourds.

The classes and video showed me what tools I would need and how to use them as my skills improved.  The number of different tools was far more than I anticipated.  I have to be able to use at least 4 to 6 special tools to do different things to the gourds.  Also, safety is a key factor when cutting and cleaning the gourds.  Special face coverings are needed to keep the very caustic dust from entering the lungs.

From Farm to Table

The first ones I crafted I made gifts to my family.  It was a hit and they loved them.  Now 5 years later after many trials and errors I have mastered applying my artistic thoughts when looking at the different types and various sizes of the gourd.

My husband and I decided it was time to get official and apply for a business license and all the required documents need to be a full-time legit business, Majestic Gourds.

Now it was time to see how the public reacted to my tried and true skills so we entered a local craft show.  It went over great.  We, Majestic Gourds, sold many different crafted gourds and was highly praised by the public and also the owner of the crafts shows.

As in all things to have a great product I loved applying my skills and coming up with different ideas. Sometimes it evens surprises myself what the final gourd will look like when I am finished. There never are two alike.

The Family Skills

I kept using my skills on many differ gourds and it came evident the we needed to have a large supply of gourds available.  About every 4 months we make a trip to the Wellburn Farm and purchase a SUV load of different size gourds.  From the thousands that have been dried out at the farm I will spend 3 hours looking for the perfect gourd for my ideas. Of the gourds available they have to be perfect in my eyes for my thoughts. They come in many different sizes, from the size if a golf ball to 20 to 25 inches tall and round.

The farm produces a quality product being with thick sides.  It is important however to look them over as some may have holes from the woodpeckers and are lopsided or had cracks which made them not good to use.

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I design gourds for many holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas and many other special occasions.  However, I do not take special request as every gourd is different and I only uses my ideas, so no two gourds are the same.  You receive an original and no one else has one like it.
As I have stated many times, crafting gourds is my passion!
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